Limbo Festival 2023


For the third consecutive year, the event will take place in the beautiful background of “Il Ciocco” Estate & Resort located in the greenest heart of Tuscany, the Garfagnana, where the landscape is authentic and timeless traditions survive.

So much lies ahead: LIMBO FESTIVAL is constantly improving to offer a unique and unforgettable experience. Last edition was inspired by the tribe as a metaphor for sharing and diversity as a source of enrichment. The 2023 event will speak about “A Human Future”.

 LIMBO FESTIVAL comes from the urgency of giving people that feeling of well-being, sharing pleasures and enjoyment for all - the beauty of nature, the chances of anything coming from the contemporary culture, the connection between worlds standing apart, the arts and the disciplines that put humanity and its true needs back at the center. Such action is a matter of great priority to LIMBO. In an algorithm-based world where the simplistic ethic of a binary code prevails, the invitation is to reconsider humanistic culture, in order to let us not lose sight of human’s needs and its ability to act through empathy, kindness, curiosity and optimism. Humanism of which Italy has been the cradle and wellspring, will be the fundamental tool to face the technological revolution that awaits us.

From the first edition on, people have magically shared feelings, emotions, and experiences. Now entering its third year, LIMBO FESTIVAL has previously hosted 12 world-renowned djs performing 22 hours of music in three days, on three stages. Among the artists, just to name a few, Prins Thomas, Luca Bacchetti , Jimi Jules and Desiree.

Ambient, electronica, house, disco and live instrumental music, will continue to ensure for a diversified sound experience, even in 2023. Line up will be announced soon and it won’t be boring.

Plus, there will be no shortage of opportunities to meet each other - like masterclasses, exhibitions, talks, human design, tastings, yoga lessons, outdoor activities, hiking to vineyards and picturesque Garfagnana villages; but there will be also space for those who just want to relax and enjoy the atmosphere. Because LIMBO is wellness, fun, collective growth, respect for the community and love of the land. 

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