MOG ex D.Lgs.231/2001

On 16th December 2016, the company Il Ciocco S.p.A. adopted an Organizational and Management Model pursuant to Art. 6 of Italian Legislative Decree no. 231/01, and has entrusted the task of overseeing proper implementation of and compliance with the model to a Supervisory Authority, in possession of the requisites of autonomy, professionalism and independence requested by the Decree.


Additionally, in the sphere of occupational health and safety, Il Ciocco S.p.A. has adopted a Model pursuant to Art. 30 paragraph 5-bis of Leg. Decree no. 81/08 that replaces the special part of the OMM relative to safety, a code of Ethics and an Internal Disciplinary System (Disciplinary Code),  which foresees sanctions in cases of lack of respect of the prescribed measures indicated in the Model and in its attachments.



Lastly, the Supervisory Body has created its own electronic mail address ( for any communications/notifications in the event of violations or alleged violations of the Model or the Code of Ethics or the procedures annexed to the Model. 


Organization and management model
Disciplinary system
Ethical code


Reference norm Leg. Decree no. 231/01