The Living Mountain

The Living Mountain is a story of family and tradition, a place created and regenerated for the pleasure of those who stay, live, and work at Il Ciocco.

The mountain at Il Ciocco has always been a place brimming with life. Hiking along it, you can find traces of the knowledgeable hand of man everywhere: the chestnut groves planted for fruits and wood, the terraced vineyards and olive groves, the ruins of old metati (small stone huts built in the woods to dry chestnuts that were then turned into flour) and the picturesque villages that tell of the love for the land and of migrations.

The Living Mountain extends for 600 hectares up to 1,100 metres above sea level between the Municipality of Barga and Fosciandora, on the border between Media Valle del Serchio and Alta Valle del Serchio (mid and upper valley). And it is actually the River Serchio that shapes the countryside with different characteristics, from the rugged Apuan slopes to the softer profile of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines.

Covering land so varied leaves visitors speechless, the Park at Il Ciocco will present you with a unique show of colours at every step and at every season.

And of course, it is home to many animals that hide and rest in these woodlands. Enjoy birdwatching in Tuscany, listen to the sound of woodpeckers, venture into the forest on the traces of roe deer. 

Exploring the Estate entails a breathtaking ascent along 7 levels of increasing altitude.

280 mts

A picturesque, olive tree-lined road welcomes you to the Living Mountain. Not far away, the enchanting Swan Pond awaits you, while a short path leads to the Casa Museo di Giovanni Pascoli museum, the poet’s home. The view is the first thing you will notice: from here, you can admire the Pania della Croce Mountain, Barga, and Monte Forato. In the right season, the charm of the fog rising from the valley floor and of the clouds descending from the peaks will lead you into another world.


450 mts

Let the enchanting countryside awaken your senses. Choose a special gift in the unique context of the boutiques of the Piazzetta. Just a few steps away, you will find Il Ciocco Studios, once the recording studios of the historical Video Music music television channel, and today the ideal location for presentations, meetings and – why not? – even to record an album.


600 mts

Walking along the paths and venturing into the woods of Il Ciocco is a pleasure for the spirit that can be a prelude to many of the pleasures of fine local cuisine… Porcini mushrooms, chestnuts, wild herbs: with a bit of luck or through the aid of an expert naturalist – available to our guests, you’ll be delighted by the delicious bounty of Il Ciocco.

Hidden in the shade of chestnut trees, with an astonishing view of Barga, are the Il Ciocco Hotels and Il Ciocco Apartments. Absolute comfort, pure nature in Tuscany.


660 mts

If you love sport, fitness and outdoor activities, you have found your El Dorado. Imagine practising your favourite discipline in a unique setting, under the open sky. You and the natural world, in perfect harmony. A new side of wellness.

To restore your energy, take a seat at the Locanda Alla Posta restaurant. To daydream, surrounded by lush greenery, book a Chalet in Tuscany.


800 mts

Moving from one level to the next, you will witness not only a change in altitude but also in the landscape. In the midst of the lush vegetation is the Il Il Ciocco Bike Circle, a park dedicated to MTB enthusiasts, and the Off-Road Enclosure, a circuit where enduro buffs can ride their two-wheelers or drive their favourite off-road vehicle in the midst of breath-taking panoramas and spectacular ups and downs.


940 mts

The chestnut groves gradually give way to the beech forest. Here, for the first time since the beginning of your journey at Il Ciocco, you can enjoy a fabulous 360° view of the Apennine terrain. The mountain experience becomes even more intense and exciting. To fully embrace it without missing an instant’s magic, organise an unforgettable party at the Taverna dello Scoiattolo.


1100 mts

Prepare to be amazed: the landscape is truly incredible up here. The beech forests alternate with high altitude pastures, where the cattle graze on hot summer days. Some of the most fascinating fields to visit are the Prade Garfagnine: a large meadow full of cherry trees, dotted by huts and small stone buildings, where vegetables and grains were once grown... Sit down on the grass and charge your batteries with a delicious packed lunch or picnic hamper prepared in the kitchen of our restaurant.