Brown Trout & Rainbow Trout

Brown Trout & Rainbow Trout

Trout farming is very popular in the Serchio Valley where it’s possible to find two varieties of trout, both regarded as premium fish:

  • the brown trout (the most common variety found by fisherman of the torrent, needs fresh and well-oxygenated waters);
  • the rainbow trout (which can survive in warm and still waters as long as the body of water is clean).


This species of fish will not survive in polluted environments and requires an oxygen-rich habitat. The survival of this species is considered a real bench mark when evaluating the freshness of the waters.

Trout farming is used for restocking rivers and lakes (among the threats to this freshwater species are pollution, fishing, poaching, introduction of non-native species, damning river flow), sport fishing and transformation.


There are approximately ten companies that deal in trout farming in the territory of the Serchio Valley.

These farms, usually family run, extend from 500 to over 5,500 square meters.


The European Community has recently recognized the Serchio Valley as a disease-free area for trout. This is an important recognition that only a few European regions can boast.