Our Honey

Our Honey

Dr.Pescia's Beekeeping

During the months of May through September, in the beautiful park of Il Ciocco, you can find Dr. Pescia's Bees. In this special place, surrounded by nature and far from any source of pollution, Dr. Pescia transports his beehives to seasonally flowering zones to produce variety of honeyAcacia honey of a delicate flavor, chestnut honey of a molasses-like bouqet and flavor and melata di bosco of a prominent flavor of
molasses and balsam.


Dr. Pescia's Beekeeping Farm is located in Rosignano Marittimo (LI); a family run business that is conscious of being a link between nature

and man for the fruition of the most ancient and natural product that has ever existed - honey.  The Beekeeping Farm continuously pursues the highest standards of quality, producing and selecting tuscan monofloral honey, healthy, natural foods, with a constant
attention to the organoleptic characteristics.


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For further information: 0583-719401  email: info@ciocco.it