An adventure for the whole family

An adventure for the whole family

Treat yourself to a family holiday in the countryside, spending time together and eating good food. Come and visit us where culinary tradition has left a mark on history. Take your children to discover the secrets of our region on a holiday with of continuous surprises. There’s a vast range of activities:

  • Take cooking lessons in a local farm let your children
    experience the art of making fresh pasta
  • Create and imporovise new dishes using seasonal ingredients
  • Make jam with freshly picked fruit
  • Take a guided excursion on horseback
  • Take a trip to a local farm to see how cured meats are made
  • Participate in a village festival where the local families meet and together enjoy the most refined dishes of their town's traditions
  • Visit the Adventure Park for children and adults hidden in the woods and have yourself a pic-nic with local produce
  • Visit a farm to learn how focaccia and bread are made and then taste the results.