January and February at the Sport Village

January and February at the Sport Village

Here are the January and February events at the Sport Village:



1) Cross Country Rally Co-Pilot Course - 01/18/2015

The objective of the course is to train new Rally Raid co-pilots.  You will receive the basic training for cross country co-driving or improve your


2) Motor Circus Off Road Tour with 4x4 Tour
    and the 4x4 Jambo Club
- 01/25/2015

The 4x4 tour and the 4x4 Jambo Club are organizing the traditional 4x4 Valpolicella tour on the occasion of the Verona Motor Circus Fair.


3) 4x4 2 day Course - from 01/31/2015 to 02/01/2015

The Mitsubishi Driving School is organizing a two day 4x4 course at the Sport Village in the Il Ciocco Estate on January 31st and February 1st.
Two days of fun and learning behind the wheel of a 4x4 to learn the basic theoretical and practical know-how needed to drive 4x4 vehicles.




1) Snow and Ice Driving Course - 02/07/2015

Improve your winter driving skills by taking snow and ice driving classes
for more confident driving in challenging winter conditions.


2) Rally Course Step 1 - from 02/21/2015 to 02/22/2015

A full immersion approach in the world of rallies with theoretical and,
above all, practical lessons.


3) Cross Country Rally Course - from 02/27/2015 to 03/01/2015

You will learn to drive an off-road vehicle on the more difficult trails using
a chronometer and learning drifting techniques.