March at the Sport Village

March at the Sport Village

4x4 PWCI course with Test Pajero T2:  The multifaceted world of 4x4 comes together in a singular experience for all off-road lovers:  Saturday
and Sunday, March 22-23
, Pajero Italy World Club organizes a very particular event in which all the participants can learn the professional driving techniques of a 4x4 with qualified instructors of the Mitsubishi Driving School.  At the same time, they will have the exclusive opportunity to drive the Pajero T2 RallyArt Italy Off-Road that won the 2012 World Title.


Spring Show: To welcome spring, the Riding School students of the
Sport Village will put on a show on Sunday, March 30. This show, full of excitement and fun, is the result of all the hard work that has been done early this year.


Pole Bending and Barrel Championship: On Sunday, March 30, the Sport Village Riding School is organizing the second meet of the Pole Bending and Barrel Championship. The Championship is made up of
two skills tests where the riders will challenge each other to a hundredth
of a second: slalom between poles and in and around the barrels without committing a fault or risk exclusion from the competition.