Fabio Fasola Tuscany Mountain Tours 2015

Fabio Fasola Tuscany Mountain Tours 2015

While others daydream we make dreams come true: a permanent off-road circuit in the Il Ciocco Tenuta e Parco, open all year round.  In a scarcely populated region, the Fasola tours will take you up to a maximum altitude
of 1500 meters above sea level.


The “off-road school” has a small mechanic's workshop, two enduro training circuits and a motocross track, but what makes it truly unique in its kind are the hundreds of kilometers of enduro trails. With an expert trainer, we cater to all skill levels for individual and group-based training courses as well as VIP tours.


For your overnight accommodations you may choose from the
Renaissance Tuscany Il Ciocco Resort and Spa, the Campus Hotel&Apartments or the wooden chalets of the Sport Village.


Tour Dates

  • March: 19-22
  • April/May: 3-6 / 9-12 / 30- 3 May
  • June:  18-21 / 25-28
  • September: 17-20 / 24-27
  • October: 1-4 / 15-18 / 23-26