A week on horseback

A week on horseback

A holiday with friends dedicated to horse riding followed by an Instructor FISE 2nd level. The living is in wooden chalets and meals at the "Km0 Inn" menu with Tuscan menu. In addition to horse riding, fun activities to finish the week in the nature what The week horse riding is a full immersion in the equestrian world, to understand how to approach these fantastic animals and learn how to handle all aspects. It is still a holiday where, in addition to the horse, participants can relax and have fun with all the activities of the Sport Village and The Serchio Valley.



It 's open to all, regardless of age, skill or experience, since the programs are calibrated on individual participants.



It is possible to participate with their own horses, putting him in the horse stall along with those of the school. The cost for retirement is 10.00 € per night, to add to the cost of the week.



The week horse riding is available throughout the year, from April to October there are multiple parallel activities. The week takes place with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 12 participants.



Participants minors are supervised by appropriate staff that follows them to do other activities