Potato Bread, Farro and Beer

Potato Bread, Farro and Beer

A day with a village baker and his family!

We go to a beautiful village set in the spectacular scenery of the Serchio Valley to learn how to make our traditional potato bread with the village baker. While the bread is rising, we have a snack and go see the colossal farro-polishing machineFarro (emmer) is an even more primitive
form of w
heat than spelt and is still grown today on terraces you can see around the village. One inhabitant, with a passion for beer, makes an excellent brew with farro. After returning to the bakery to put our loaves
in the wood-fired oven, we stroll down to see the baker’s free-range
. Back at the bakery, we take our fragrant loaves from the oven.

For lunch, prepared by the baker’s wife, we eat the baker’s bread
(you can take yours home with you), some typical dishes made with farro, plus much more, all washed down with farro beer or wine.

On the way back to the hotel, we can stop at a Renaissance fort and the water mill that grinds the baker’s farro.