Yeast and Yarn:  A Day on Catia's Farm

Yeast and Yarn: A Day on Catia's Farm

At Catia’s organic farm you can feel the passion and determination of one young woman and her family who have carved a farm out of the chestnut woods.  Mamma teaches you to make bread in a wood-fired oven; you visit the Cinta Senese pigs and piglets and the donkeys, the strawberry patch and the chilli peppers. Catia also produces honey,
olive oil and preserves, and now she’s beginning to learn about wine
For lunch we sit down to feast on your freshly baked bread along with
the delicious produce of the farm. After lunch we visit a handloom weaver

When Romeo retired from his job at a shoe factory, he decided to indulge his desire to weave. He bought an old handloom and took lessons from
an elderly woman in his village. His wife Nada ushers us up to his attic atelier where we are entranced as much by Romeo’s love of his
new-found skill as by the exquisite workmanship of the table dressings, rugs and other articles he produces using antique hemp and cotton.
They are available to buy at ridiculously low prices and make excellent
gift ideas.  We take the scenic route back to the hotel, stopping at a water mill on the way.