Tradition and Culture

Tradition and Culture

Sausages, polenta, architecture and crafts.


We visit a farm where the family produces almost all its own food. The farmer raises free range pigs, and he’s a butcher as well. You help him grind, season and knead the pork meat then you stuff the sausage
and learn to tie them. He cultivates a primitive variety of corn and
you use his stoneground maize meal in your lesson.  In the summer
we’ll make farro salad using his organic farro.  Lunch: Eat your own sausages raw (Tuscan-style) and grilled with polenta or farro salad at the farm restaurant. Other homemade goodies accompany the meal.
After lunch we immerse ourselves in the material culture of the Serchio Valley.  From now on it’s your choice.  We can visit the miller who grinds the farmer’s corn, walk around the historic towns of Pieve Fosciana
and Castiglione di Garfagnana, visit an ethnographic museum with objects that will keep you guessing and where there are exquisite wildflowers in spring, visit a costume and clock museum in a village that was a bandits’ hideout in the 16th century.