Cheese and Wine:  The Wonders of Fermentation

Cheese and Wine: The Wonders of Fermentation

We owe our enjoyment of cheese and wine to the yeasts and bacteria
that cause milk and grape juice to ferment. The principal cheese of the Serchio Valley is the delicious and versatile pecorino, a hard cheese made from sheep’s milk, which is eaten both fresh and matured. Goat and cow’s milk cheeses are made in lesser quantities. Ricotta is made from the whey of all three types of milk.

We visit a cheesemaker and watch the whole process from curdling the milk to making ricotta. You get to taste the fresh curds, the warm
and mature cheeses, as well as seeing the maturing room.
Lunch either at a local osteria or a vineyard depending on availability. After lunch we visit a family vineyard which can be found in the Slow
Food Wine Guide
, tour the vineyard, visit the cellar and taste their