The King of Hell's Gate Metzeler 2015 is Johnny Walker

The King of Hell's Gate Metzeler 2015 is Johnny Walker

The King of Hell's Gate Metzeler 2015 is Johnny Walker. The Englishman, KTM Factory Rider, after three second places, has had reason to a Race beyond all limits, even the ones of a perverse fantasy, and beat on the impossible climb of the Hell’s Peak only two competitors, the incredible rookie Mario Roman and the "dreamer" Lars Enockl.


Only three "survivors", but the figure reflects only a fraction of the hardness of a competition that is not by chance associated to the imaginary of the hell.


The twelfth edition of Hell's Gate Metzeler is, by heart, the hardest of the history of the Extreme Enduro created by Fabio Fasola. 

The "calvary" starts in the morning, with the decimation caused by a preliminary race well harder and more difficult than expected, due to bad weather. 


Jonny Walker: "I think it was the hardest race of my life. When Fabio has decided to eliminate the final round, for a moment I felt again reloaded, but soon after I was afraid of not being able to finish the lap and having to give up!"


Mario Roman: "After winning the preliminary competition I wanted to get at all costs the Hell's Peak. On the last lap I lost the lights, the brake pads have been exhausted, and each descents has become terrifying. An incredible race, a hell from dawn to after sunset!"


Lars Enockl: "I understand now what it means to realize a dream. I had already tried, in vain, and did not expect to succeed this time to overcome Hell's Gate Metzeler. It is more terrible than you can imagine, but now I'm happy".


Hell’s Gate Metzeler 2015 Final Result. 1. JOHNNY WALKER (KTM) 2. MARIO ROMAN (KTM), +27’02 3. LARS ENOCKL (KTM), +29’40.