Paragliding over the Serchio Valley

Paragliding over the Serchio Valley

Paragliding over the Serchio Valley with Il Ciocco Estate and Park’s partner, Flyten.


A carousel in the clouds to discover a magical land from a different perspective, a land enclosed in a frame comprised of the Apuan Alps and the Apennines.

A stroll hundreds of miles in the sky to admire the monumental villas of the Lucca hills and the drawings traced by the majestic gardens from up high.


The tandem flight is the perfect solution for those who wish to experience the incredible sensation of free flight (paragliding without engine) while not having to worry about anything, in the utmost safety.

The silence, the ground slowly moving away, a break from daily routines and an unexpected feeling of stability.


Choose your flight.

Trust in a certified instructor with long-term experience.


For information and reservations: Endrio Ceccarelli (instructor from Aero Club d’Italia) +39 335 6756256.