The best red wine is Vigna Piezza

The best red wine is Vigna Piezza

Congratulations are in order for Gabriele Da Prato, winemaker par excellence and a longtime friend.


Vigna Piezza (Còncori farm - Gallicano), according to  Pierpaolo Rastelli, journalist of Gambero Rosso and author of the "Organic Italian Wine Guide" (edited by Tecniche Nuove), is the best Italian biodynamic wine (2011).


An important recognition that goes to small local producers who, for over the past fifteen years, have managed to corner a large share of the market in the entire provincial area with an innovative with a 100% organic wine making process.


"Over 50% of local businesses from the Serchio Valley to Montecarlo, from Pieve Santo Stefano to Massarosa - we read on the April 13th issue of The Tirreno – employ biodynamic methods - the highest concentration in Italy in terms of the number of businesses in relationship to the geographical area.        


"The Piezza Vineyard’s wine production is limited to only 1,600 bottles a year- continues Tania Buonatesta in her article  – yet, for some time now, the same L’Espresso Wines of Italy Guide dedicates special attention to both the Còncori wine production and the other local wine producers.

What does this mean? (...) It means that a superior  method  has been achieved that can guarantee quality and, at the same time, transfer a certain territorial identity in its taste: Vigna Piezza 2011 is a red wine classified as TGI (Typical Geographic Indication), a syrah in its purity with more elegance, freshness and drinkability compared to others, as well as Tuscany wines which express different characteristics".