Il Ciocco’s green policy forges on

Il Ciocco’s green policy forges on

Il Ciocco’s green policy forges on in the 600-hectare park that encompasses reception, food & wine and recreational facilities to please all.

Il Ciocco’s management has undersigned a tourist agreement with ANP-CIA (Associazione Nazionale Pensionati della Confederazione Italiana Agricoltori – National Association of Retirees, part of the Italian Farmers Confederation).


«This agreement is perfectly in-line with the spirit of our association committed to instituting cooperation rapports with establishments strongly rooted in the territory», states Alessandro Del Carlo, national president of ANP-CIA during his visit to the Estate together with the president of the Toscana Nord division Giovanna Landi.

Andrea Barbuti, Managing Director of Il Ciocco, and Destination Manager Anna Paola Biagi welcomed the ANP-CIA Management to the premises.


«The ANP-CIA is the association that caters to retirees and the elderly within the Italian Farmers Confederation, one of the major European trade organizations working to improve and enhance the appreciation for the primary sector and counts about 900 thousand members in Italy. It is clear how this agreement underscores the journey undertaken by Il Ciocco in the realm of sustainable and slow tourism», states Barbuti, recalling the award won at the beginning of the year by Il Ciocco, acknowledged by the journalists of Gruppo Italiano Stampa Turistica (Italian Travel Press Group) as “Green Accommodation Italia 2018”.