The Vecchio Mulino turns 30!

The Vecchio Mulino turns 30!

The Vecchio Mulino, located at the entrance of Castelnuovo di Garfagnana, is an authentic tavern that maintains the original, welcoming spirit, creating a space that makes clients feel right at home.


This year, the best-known winebar of the Garfagnana celebrates its first, thirty years. The credit for this success goes primarily to the host Andrea Bertucci and his impeccable work as well as his loyalty to the brand.


A great partner and friend of Il Ciocco, the Vecchio Mulino continues to be the most popular tavern appreciated not only by the locals, but also by the many tourists of the Serchio Valley and Garfagnana territories. Visitors continue to come to these areas to relish in its culinary delights.


The Inn began as a place where travelers would find comfort in a glass of wine and a taste of the local delicacies. Many years have passed since the opening of the Inn, yet the venue still holds the record for being the most well-known locale to meet friends and share a good glass of wine.