The magic of the Serchio Valley on exhibit at the Ciocco

The magic of the Serchio Valley on exhibit at the Ciocco

“It is well worth visiting the Parco del Ciocco, to discover and marvel at the landscapes…” Gilberto Bedini


The exhibition, dedicated to the book Lands of Tuscany: The Serchio Valley (PubliEd), will be showing throughout the summer. The book recounts the traditions, the culture and the countryside of the beautiful Serchio Valley through Alessandro Puccinelli’s breathtaking photographs and texts by Gilberto Bedini.

It’s Alessandro Puccinelli’s story of an open air museum with its villages,
its people, their habits and values. An Italian photographer that has
received national as well as international recognition.


A detailed description of a magical landscape that explores the territory’s light and color to arrive at the Ciocco, proof of a lifelong passion, a dream to be shared and lived.


Location and time. The exhibition is open from Tuesday to Friday, from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm, and on Saturday, from 10.30 am to 12.30 pm. At the Vaso di Pandora (immediately after the Renaissance Tuscany arch). If you wish to purchase the book you may do so in the exhibit location or available on Amazon, even in Kindle format.


About the author. Alessandro Puccinelli, a native of Pisa, lives between Italy and Portugal. His projects are characterized by a theme very dear to him: the ocean. His work on the Serchio Valley is his first attempt to capture mountains on film. This was an authentic exploration conducted on various levels: worlds, places, boundaries. To find new interpretations to
the concept of “freedom”.

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