Barga Pop Tarot at the Locanda di Mezzo

Barga Pop Tarot at the Locanda di Mezzo

Barga Pop Tarot art exhibit by, painter, photographer and artist, Keane is showing at the newly inaugurated Bistrot at the Locanda di Mezzo (historical center of Barga) until the end of summer. 


Why an exhibit dedicated to Tarot cards?


Over the past 30 years Keane has been inspired by Barga’s culture and events. The Biroldo paintingsThe Duomo of Barga paintingsThe Nuns of Barga and  The walls of Barga are just four of those local based projects.


Four times during these 30 years he attempted to portrait card players in local bars with their fascinating sets of cards, the designs of which have remained more or less unchanged for centuries.


Each time he tried, he was not able to progress beyond just a few
unrelated images. Somehow the project never took off until he read an article which managed to tie up all the loose ends.


The article mentions Florentine silk dealers Lorenzo di Bartolo and
Matteo di Zanobi, who, on the side, traded with playing cards (1431-1460). Being that Barga was a stronghold of the Medici’s Florence, it was quite possible that during those times, people in Barga were playing with Trionfi original playing cards, later known as “tarocchi”…