Tradizione & Tradimenti

Tradizione & Tradimenti

Contamination between different musical Genres


The project, curated by Associazione Polyphonia, aims to enhance the
value of popular heritage and folklore through concerts and seminars, in order to underscore their importance in the minds of the younger generations.


Here are the upcoming appointments:


December 21 at Teatro dei Differenti in Barga, Gianluigi Trovesi and
Gianni Coscia Radici will take the audience on a journey across Italian music traditions.

December 26 in Castelnuovo di Garfagnana, the “A. Cumpagnia” Corsican polyphonic vocal group meets the “BargaJazz Ensemble” for a project on
the melodies and polyphonies of Corsica.

December 27 in Camporgiano, performance by C.R.I.G. (Collettivo di Ricerca e Improvvisazione Garfagnino), with a repertoire taken from traditional songs of the Garfagnana area, revisited in a jazz and contemporary key.

December 28 at Teatro dei Differenti in Barga, the Arundo Donax saxophone quartet explores the world of Neapolitan music together with opera singer Federica Raja.

December 29 at Teatro Colombo in Valdottavo, a show entitled
“Viaggio alla fine della notte”, with the participation of the Filarmonica Mugnone from Navacchio and of the Banda Metafisica. Installations by Keane and Fabrizio Da Prato.

December 30, two appointments in Barga: starting at 6.30 pm, the Procession Fantastique with its protagonist the Filamornica Mascagni of Camporgiano along the streets of the castle, and starting at 9 pm, Theater time with the show entitled “Around Rizzieri”, with the Banda Metafisica, Navacchio’s Filarmonica Mugnone and the installations by artists Keane
and Fabrizio Da Prato.


Seminars focused on bands and music students are also scheduled.
Artistic director: Alessandro Rizzardi


For information and reservations: – Phone: +39 0583 723860