In Between the Lines  Barga Winter Festival

In Between the Lines Barga Winter Festival

Barga, Lucca 15 December 2012 - 20 April 2013

First edition 2012-2013

During a time when, due to the crisis, administrations cut back on
cultural initiatives, the City of Barga doubles by presenting "In Between the Lines" Barga Winter Festival.

The summer litterary festival has already brought to Barga authors such as Priore, Guzzanti, Englaro, Caporale and in its winter version presents Marco Malvaldi, Marcello Simoni, Marco Vichi, Vincenzo Pardini e Mario Rocchi, well-known authors in the Italian literary panorama.

The event is created by Andrea Giannasi, sponsored by the City of Barga in collaboration with the "Fratelli Rosselli" Library which includes
Memorial Day and Remembrance Day.  There will be a meeting
organized with students in order to keep the memory alive.

All the events will be introduced by Giovanna StefaniHead of the Department of Culture of the City of Barga and by Maria Luisa Livi, librarian.

The "Tra le Righe" Barga Winter Festival was also launched thanks to the collaboration of publishing houseses Newton Compton, Fandango, Guanda, Prospettiva e Sellerio. The support of the Ubik Library
of Lucca
and the Poli Library of Barga was fundamental and have in
Gina Truglio e Maurizio Poli two passionate readers and cultural promoters.