Literary festival in Barga

Literary festival in Barga

A ten-year milestone for Tra le righe di Barga, the literary festival created by Andrea Giannasi and Maurizio Poli, taking place in the city’s historic center.


The 2017 is scheduled from 13 to 17 July during the “Festa delle Piazzette"; between Piazza Salvi, the Volta del Menchi town vault and the ancient Palazzo Pancrazi, book presentations and meetings with authors will take place.


The super-guests of the event are: Giampaolo Simi (author for Einaudi and Sellerio publishing houses), Pino Scaccia (former reported for Tg1 Rai news channel), David Riondino (author, song writer) and Vera Gheno (social media manager of the Twitter account for Accademia della Crusca).


This year, the edition is dedicated to the poet Aleksandr Sergeevič Puškin, 180 years after his death in a duel in Saint Petersburg. And one event will actually be dedicated to poetry and to duels.

Tra le righe di Barga is sponsored and supported by the city’s Municipal Administration and boasts a dense network of collaborations.