The Young Pope

The Young Pope

Italian Excellences abroad


“The Young Pope”, an English-language Italian television drama series that first aired on October 21, 2016 on Sky Networks in Italy, has recently premiered on HBO on January 15, 2017.


The new series is created, directed and written by the Neapolitan, Oscar-winning filmmaker, Paolo Sorrentino (among other things, guest, last Spring, at the Lucca Film Festival – European Cinema).


While in the streets of New York and Los Angeles you are most likely to see many outdoor advertisements of the series (in the photo), we are eager to learn the American public’s response to a television product that has received massive acclaim in Europe.


An international co-production with an exceptional cast: Jude Law - portrays the controversial Pope Pius XIII -, Oscar winner Diane Keaton, Cécile de France, James Cromwell, and a talented Silvio Orlando, that interprets his character with an effective and rich English pronunciation.


“The Young Pope” has been defined as innovative in the world of television series. This ambitious series turned out to be a sure bet (it has been sold in over 80 countries), a magnificent work of art (a comparison that inevitably recalls Sorrentino’s work par excellence: “The Great Beauty” – 2014 Oscar winner for Best Foreign Film).