The Biroldo Tapes

The Biroldo Tapes

Sunday June 11, 8 pm, at Osteria Da Aristo in Barga, “The Biroldo Tapes”, a record that can boast of two great achievements, will be presented. Indeed, it is the first record by the Aristodemo’s and the very first recorded at Il Ciocco Studios.


Who are the Aristodemo’s? They are the guys who used to meet up at Aristodemo Casciani’s, unforgotten and unforgettable manager of the historic shop in Barga Vecchia that owes its current name to him.

It was the winter of 2009 when six patrons – all musicians or with a true passion for music – decide to form a group that plays Italian swing from the 1930s, ‘40s and ‘50s. They are Andrea Gonnella (voice), Alessandro Rizzardi (mandolin and sax), Fabio Guazzelli (guitar) and Ugo Menconi (accordion), Leo Gnesi (bass) and Keane (percussion).


The musicians have always met at the osteria. Informal get-togethers, where music comes from the inside to entertain, to lose oneself in the hot summer nights, to share. Their performances would soon meet with public acclaim elsewhere, too.


A long-lasting success that almost ten years later leads them to publish their first record. A collection of cover pieces – from “Vecchio Frack” to “Pasqualino Maraja" by Modugno to “Mille Lire al Mese” – rearranged in perfect Aristo style. Special guest of the album, Rossano Emili at the baritone sax.


The title chosen, The Biroldo Tapes, underscores the bond with the territory, with the land (the biroldo Garfagnana Slow Food product is an ancient blood sausage flavored with spices that is still produced today in some of the most traditional butcher shops of the Serchio Valley).


A tribute to the authenticity of our flavors, of our lands. A tribute that nostalgic interludes pay to Aristodemo Casciani (between one piece and the other are recordings of his voice and notes from his keyboard).

The record is an independent label, co-produced with musician Gianni Nuzzi at Il Ciocco Studios, the same Studios where in 1984 VideoMusic was born…


Photo by Gianni Nuzzi