"Lands of Tuscany: the Serchio Valley"

"Lands of Tuscany: the Serchio Valley"

Lands of Tuscany: the Serchio Valley edited by Alessandro Stefani, photographs by Alessandro Puccinelli, texts by Gilberto Bedini. 

Through stunning photographs, poems and stories, the book tells the story of the Serchio Valley; its places, its people with their values and traditions.  The last chapter is dedicated to Il Ciocco, the Marcucci family and their story.

You may find the book in the following libraries:  Ubik (Lucca), Massoni (Lucca), Edicola Poli (Barga) e Magnani (Castelnuovo) or on interntet at the link.

"Between the wild and bristling peaks of the Apuan Alps and the soft forms of the Apennines lies a valley watered by a river, the Serchio, that is impetuous and playful at its source, placid and meandering in its journey towars the sea".

Published by PubliEd for Il Ciocco 

Graphics by  FullSix

Printed by Tipografia Tommasi

200 pages

For more information: 0583-719401; info@ciocco.it