The Serchio Valley Theaters in Febbruary

The Serchio Valley Theaters in Febbruary

Lucca, Tuscany


The Teatro Colombo di Valdottavo, from Febbruary to March, will host
the Amateur Theater Festival "Teatro Impossibile!" (Impossible Theater) in collaboration with the Department of Social Policy of the Province of Lucca.


Teatro Accademico di Bagni di Lucca, Sunday, 3 Febbruary at 9:15 p.m. EVA CONTRO EVA (Eve against Eve) by Mary Orr (Italian version by Maurizio Panici and Marzia G. Lea Pacella) with Pamela Villoresi, Romina Mondello, Luigi Diberti and directed by Maurizio Panici.  Eva contro Eva brings to the stage the desire for notoriety and success like a disease or a virus which afflicts our society especially the younger generations.

Tuesday, 19 Febbruary, once again at the Teatro Accademico di Bagni
di Lucca
, at 9:15 p.m. COME TU MI VUOI (As You Want Me) by Luigi Pirandello.  With Lucrezia Lante della Rovere.  Theater adaptation by Masolino d’Amico, directed by Francesco Zecca and produced by
Teatro e Società.  To believe, to appear and to lose oneself.  The Pirandellian triangle lights the imagination and opens the doors to


Teatro dei Differenti di Barga, Wednesday, 6 Febbruary at 9.15 p.m.  L’AMORE E’ UN CANE BLU (Love is Like a Blue Dog) by and with Paolo Rossi, music composed and performed live by Emanuele dell’Aquila and I Virtuosi del Carso.  “This show is a diary, a drawing, il will become a film, for now it is just a folk, lyrical, humorous, visionary concert which tells of a tragic loss and a comic rebirth” (P.Rossi)


Once again at the Teatro dei Differenti on Saturday, 23 Febbruary at
9:15 p.m. SETTEMILANOVECENTO MELI  (7900 Apple Trees) by
Ingmar Bergman.  Written and directed by Lorenzo Maria Mucci with
Elisa Proietti and Luigi Ragoni.  “The gauze room” and other props by
Beatrice Meoni. It’s the story of Sof’ja e Lev Tolstoj and their daily
routines with their underlying tensions and unbearable misunderstanding and the constant presence of the shadows and scent of the apple trees.  They were planted in the estate by his mother, seven thousand and nine-hundred apple trees shipped directly from Italy.  They are a constant presence in his biography.  A symbolic gesture, as if he wanted to give a sense to “things”, to find their roots, plant them in his story and instill them
in his memory.


Teatro Alfieri di Castelnuovo di Garfagnana, Friday,  15 Febbruary at 9:15 p.m.  L’INFERNO NON ESISTE?  (There is no Hell) by Susanna Tamaro with Laura Lattuada and directed by Matteo Tarasco.  A plunge into the everyday world that despite its tragic dullness, amid contradictions and controversial family relationships, it is able to win back its poetic side.   Photo:  Toscana Spettacolo