Valle del Serchio Theaters

Valle del Serchio Theaters

From 7-22 December

Teatro Accademico di Bagni di Lucca

Friday 7 December at 9:15 p.m. The Little Prince with Italo Dall'Orto, Emilio Magni, Pietro Santoro, Erika Giansanti, Virginia Gori, Arianna Baldini. Scenography by Armando Mannini. Costumes by Elena Mannini. Music by Gionni Dall'Orto e Erika Giansanti.

Teatro dei Differenti di Barga

Saturday 15 December at 9:15 p.m. La Cantatrice Calva by Eugène Ionesco, brought to the stage by the Tuscan Metastasio Stabile Theater with Francesco Borchi, Valentina Branci, Mauro Malinverno, Fabio Mascagni, Elisa Cecilia Langone, Sara Zanobbio.  Directed by
Massimo Castri.  A not-to-miss Ionesco masterpiece that invites you to reflect, with a smile, on how we communicate and on how many absurd things our life is made up of.

Teatro Colombo di Valdottavo

Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 December Friend of Music, Monica Pera presents the play made up of songs and successes of the '70s sung by emerging, young singers and dancers.

Saturday 22 December it's Migranti, veglia popolare by Simona Generali, produced by Opera Bazar.  With Simona Generali and Michela Innocenti.  Choir director Rosella Isola.