The Valle del Serchio Theaters

The Valle del Serchio Theaters

Appointments of the week from 16-18 November

We begin with the season opening of the Teatro dei Differenti of Barga, Friday, 16 November, "TANTE BELLE COSE".  Maria Amelia Monti is the protagonist of the play, half way between a commedy and a psycological drama by Edoardo Erba, directed by Alessandro D'Alatri.  The well-known television actress plays a "hoarder".  A person who cannot separte herself from the things she possesses ultill they bury her alive.

Saturday, 17 November, will be a day of avant gard and innovative theater.  At 6:00 p.m. the play "MASKARAD" will open the doors of the Teatro Colombo of Valdottavo to the biomechanics theater.  It is a technicque that allows a profound understanding and awareness of movement on stage.  From leaps in time and space, continous movements and an unknown destiny that hovers over all the protagonists; Cantiere Obraz will bring on stage Lermontov's never staged nor censored play.

In collaboration with Spam! on the same day, at the Teatro I. Nieri of     Ponte a Moriano, at 9:00 p.m. THE MARINETTI SISTERS will take the stage with their musical repertoire of the thirties.

The week closes on Sunday, 18 November at 5:00 p.m. with "O SOAVI FANCIULLE" at the Teatro Accademico of Bagni di LuccaSimona Passa, Chiara Panacci e Bianca Barsanti will perfom a concert of arias     for soprano starring the femminine characters of Giacomo Puccini's operas. At the piano Laura Pasqualetti.  Franco Bocci presents.

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