Barga Jazz Festival: many initiatives for the 2014 edition

Barga Jazz Festival: many initiatives for the 2014 edition

The countdown for the 27th edition of Barga Jazz Festival, created in 1986 as a competition and arrangement of jazz music orchestra, has started.

The contest will be dedicated to Paolo Fresu’s compositions, guest of honor of the event.


Fresu, apart from playing with Barga Jazz Orchestra, will present in Barga his work “Mistico Mediterraneo” (Mystical Maediterranean) in the context of the international project “Sonata di Mare” (Sonata of the sea), with Daniele Di Bonaventura and the polyphonic  chorus “A Filetta”.

Confirmed the outdoor initiative Barga IN Jazz (the most captivating event of Barga Summer scene) and Barga Out Jazz (a particular evening organized in collaboration with the local wineries).

Masterclass and practical and theoretical seminars are planned to be held.


After last year’s huge success, Enojazz set has been confirmed even for this 2014 edition in the garden of the Hotel Villa Libano, a place dedicated to  Jam session where musicians and enthusiasts meet to play and improvise the whole night.

Enojazz is included in the rich program of Villa Libanos Calendar, suggestive courtyard where exhibitions, concerts and other events that take place all summer 2014.