Record numbers for the 15th edition of the New Year’s Day Concert at the Il Ciocco

Record numbers for the 15th edition of the New Year’s Day Concert at the Il Ciocco

More than 900 spectators were present and approximately 12 thousand
euro were collected in favor of the Muhura Mission in Rwanda!



“Let it Beatles”, a national premier on the stage of the Auditorium
of the Renaissance Tuscany. A musical journey with the most beautiful songs of the band that has revolutionized music (from “Help!” to “Yesterday”, from “Michelle” to “She Loves You”, from “All You Need is Love” up to “Hey Jude” and much more). An evening full of emotions and
a testimony of solidarity. The 2015 proceeds will help to optimize the Ophthalmology Department of the Kizigoro Hospital.



The event, under the artistic direction of Maestro Giandomenico
, was the first of a series of tributes, this year in Italy, that will remember the 50th anniversary of the only tour that the Fab Four held
in our country (“Let it Beatles” dates scheduled in Lucca, Rome and Verona).



The protagonist of the evening was the “New Tuscany Orchestra”,
directed by Maestro Mario Zannini Quirini, formed just for this event and made up of 26 elements chosen among promising and graduating students from Tuscany’s musical conservatories and istitutes among which “Cherubini” in Florence, “Boccherini” in Lucca and “Mascagni” in Livorno. Present among the cast were also Stefano De Sando (legendary voice of Robert De Niro and Marlon Brando) in the role of narrator, the soprano Silvana Froli and the pop singer Giulia Pratelli.



The Concert was organized by the Misericordia of Castelvecchio
in collaboration with Kedrion and Renaissance Tuscany
Il Ciocco Resort and Spa