Slow Food Day in the Serchio Valley

Slow Food Day in the Serchio Valley

A day dedicated to food culture and local food and wine products
based on a “let’s not waste anything” principal.

At the end of May, the third edition of Slow Food Day took place in Castelnuovo Garfagnana as well as in 300 squares throughout Italy. Slow Food Garfagnana and Serchio Valley organized an “apericena” with local products and live music with the Tolomei Brothers.

The traditional “panzanella” (The Osteria Vecchio Mulino’s answer to the day’s “no-waste” request), potato bread, prosciutto Bazzone and Gallicano’s “focacce leve” with sausage and Lucca’s “red beans”,
cheese, emmer wheat and the Slow Food Presidium Biroldo of Garfagnana were the food tasting products, accompanied by the Grifoe Macea red wine.

Everything followed by more music at the Grind House Pub.

As Roberto Burdese, president of Slow Food Italy, put it “our food and
wine culture helps us recuperate left overs (just think of the timballi) and invites us to put a few small helpful ideas into practice on a daily basis such as: go grocery shopping more often and buy less, choose loose products rather than prepackaged and be sure they are local, fresh and in season, maybe even directly from the producers".


Many contributed at the Slow Food Day in Garfagnana such as the Belvedere Farm, Bertagni Dairy Farm, Macea Farm, Alvaro Ferrari, Angela Bakery, Giulio Vannucci, Giordano Andreucci, Mauro Bertolini, Buffardello, Team Gallicano for “Focacce Leve”, Consortium emmer wheat IGP, Antica Norcineria, Mario Bakery, Paolo Magazzini, Luigi Angelini, “Antica Macelleria” butcher shop.