Siamo sicuri che tutto il mondo sia paese ?

Siamo sicuri che tutto il mondo sia paese ?

Piazza al Serchio, Lucca, Tuscany


Are we sure that it's a small world ?.  Alessandro Ferriauthor of the book, begins his story by asking this question. On Saturday, 2 February 2013, at 5:30 p.m., he will present his new book (published by
"Garfagnana Editrice") at the Venturelli Library Hall in Piazza al


Its about Garfagnana (Lucca, Tuscany), the Apuan Alps, the town of Gorfigliano, love and hate, the injustices, its low blows, its incomprehensions, its manipulations.  These topics characterize the
brief story and it is here that the author will try and find an explanation for
its chronic illness.   An artifical illness, dictated by hypocrisy and
absolute indifference from an uncontrollable primitive speculation.


"I too, like my homeland, - writes Ferri - was suffering from an uncontrollable, artificial, inexplicable illness;  then I was able to heal."