Safe Driving for the Il Ciocco and Kedrion staff

Safe Driving for the Il Ciocco and Kedrion staff

By adhering to the Safe Driving Formula School, the Il Ciocco has once again confirmed its passion for the automobile which has set it apart in the years.


Racing tradition, road safety and environmental sustainability are the key words which have “driven” Il Ciocco to give areas and park facilities in use to the staff so that they may be able to improve driving safety.  


This is the first of a series of projects which are currently in the works in collaborations with Kedrion Pharmaceuticals and the Safe Driving Formula Co. of Grosseto (Managing Director, Danilo Tonani).  It aims to establish a permanent training center for all employees who use their cars to go to work and will go from hours in the classroom to simulations with a stationary vehicle (changing tires, setting up snow chains, etc.) to road tests in normal as well as emergency conditions.


The objectives.  The main objective is to improve and  promote quality and safety in driving.  Among other objectives is  to provide an update on all the recent changes introduced  by  the “Highway Code” and general rules that should be followed when you need to effectively intervene in case of an accident.