"Scrittimaiali" by Stefano Elmi

"Scrittimaiali" by Stefano Elmi


The presentation of "Scrittimaiali" (Garfagnana Publishing) will be held
on Saturday, 19 January, at 5:30 p.m.  A collection of litterary fragments
by the journalist Stefano Elmi.  An informal get together, Stefano style,
will take place in the old beverage dispensing shop "Da Aristo", the
pulsing heart of the historic center of Barga.

The book was edited by Prospektiva Publishing and Andrea Giannasi, journalist and editor, will make an opening speech for the occasion.  "Scrittimaiali, tranquil thoughts for the not so tranquil" is a collection of surreal and bizare stories, interviews and reportage.  The collection begins from, what for us are distant places and after various intermediate stops, return to where everything started and where Stefano himself was born: Barga.

And right here, in the last part, the main theme becomes more cristal clear.  Stories of important life choices and never predictable and the Tosco-Emiliano Apennines as the common denominator - very dear to the
author himself.

Source: Giornaledibarganews