The Scottish Week in Barga

The Scottish Week in Barga

From 3 to 10 September, come and experience The Scottish Week a Barga, to celebrate the most Scottish city in Italy.


Here is the program

Sunday 3 September – Sala Consiliare Comune (municipal hall)

5pm – Conference: “Storie di passaggi e incontri. Bellany e la sua Barga” 


Monday 4 September

5pm – Sala Consiliare Comune

Welcome to the Scuola di Musica Canti e Balli Scozzesi (school of Scottish music songs and dance)


Friday 8 September

9pm – Piazza Salvo Salvi

Gala Concert by the Scuola di Musica Canti e Balli Scozzesi


Saturday 9 September

4pm - Piazza Garibaldi

Opening of the Scottish Corner (mini-expo featuring the flavors and beauties of Scottish tradition)

5pm – Volta dei Menchi and Galleria Comunale municipal gallery

“Arandora Star” – La tragedia dimenticata” – expo, conference and documentary video; National Meet-up of the Celtic Club


Sunday 10 September

From 10am – Piazza Garibaldi

Scottish Corner

4pm – Piazza Garibaldi

“A Silvana… e alle altre” (moment of reflection dedicated to the women of the area who left for Scotland)

6pm – Piazza Giovanni Pascoli

“A Scottish Dance Trip” into the land of traditional dances


During the week, tastings of Scottish products in the different establishments of the city, organized by the “Artigiani Commercianti Barga” association For the detailed program: