Training retreats at Il Ciocco

Training retreats at Il Ciocco

The importance of ad hoc cuisine

We interviewed Luca Margaglia, athletic trainer of the AC Cuneo Calcio 1905, the soccer team on retreat at our Estate until the beginning of August.


D) What are the characteristics of sports nutrition?

An athlete’s diet, designed by the sports club’s physician, must ensure the proper balance between proteins and carbohydrates.

If proteins are important above all during training to create muscle fiber, carbohydrates facilitate recovery during double sessions.

Breakfast is based mainly on savory foods (toasted whole wheat bread, hard-boiled eggs, cheese …). For lunch: a buffet of vegetables, pasta, white meat. Dinner: vegetable soups, spelt (Garfagnana PGI spelt, editor’s note), red meat, omelets…


D) How important is communicating with the Chef of the accommodation structure during a retreat?

This is certainly not a secondary aspect. And the Chef at Locanda Alla Posta, Giuseppe Greto, has been extremely cooperative in meeting our needs or sudden program changes.

A foundational component when speaking of sports nutrition is the way food is prepared, with raw dressings to facilitate digestion and allow to sleep better at night.


D) So combining structured sports facilities with a flexible cuisine is a must for a location hosting retreats …

Absolutely. Here at Il Ciocco, where the stadium is almost embedded in the midst of lush greenery, about 700 meters above sea level, we have met with great collaboration and professionalism by the entire staff of the Locanda.

Just consider that, during a retreat, meal times are very tight and even the waiters have to set a running pace!