A day to remember

A day to remember

“I recall a very polite and meticulous person; a popstar with his feet on the ground.  I was very saddened to have read of his passing”.

Lorella remembers David Bowie; in 1998 she looked after the house inside the Il Ciocco Estate where he was staying during the shooting of Giovanni Veronesi’s film “Il Mio West” in which he played a leading role. Those who had the good fortune to meet him personally found, perhaps unexpectedly, a very simple person.


Eighteen years have passed since that stupendous summer for the Garfagnana and Serchio Valley (the film set was in Campocatino, in the Municipality of Vagli Sotto). The memories are a bit blurry now, but the intensity of the emotions remain such as those that Lorella lived when she received the news of that, out of the ordinary, assignment: she was to be the “governess” for almost a month to one of her favorite music stars and international icons.


“It was a sunny day, he was in the garden, his assistant called for me: Mr. Bowie would have given me his autograph”, tells Lorella. “It was a day to remember, he stopped for a moment just for me.  There were no fans around, it was just the two of us. He autographed a photo and a couple of my CDs (”The Best of David Bowie 1974-1979” and Black Tie White Noise”), that I treasure jealously”.


A personal story, along with the hand written thanks by Mr. Bowies’ assistant at the end of their stay at the Il Ciocco, contribute to an authentic portrait of a great artist!