Major Renzi launches Senator Andrea Marcucci's candidacy

Major Renzi launches Senator Andrea Marcucci's candidacy

On a beautiful evening of festivities held in the Salone Pascoli
(Auditorium 2000) at Il Ciocco Estate and Park, Andrea Marcucci, with Matteo Renzi at his side, announced that he will run in the Democratic Party's Parliamentary primaries.

Florence, 17 December (TMNews) "We had said: 'if you let us govern, we will make a change' . It would have been nice to try, but we will try again in a few years; we are in no rush."  This is what Matteo Renzi, Major of Florence, said last night at a rally in support of Andrea Marcucci's electoral campaign for the Democratic Party's Parliamentary primaries. 

"I will continue as major", reiterated Renzi. Then, addressing the party,
said "I am sure that whomever will represent the people in Rome will do
the best he can, because he will have the strength of many people behind him".  As for the debate with Pier Luigi Bersani, Secretary of the Democratic Party, "it was beautiful and fantastic but the best is yet to come".

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