Panda 4x4 Gathering at Il Ciocco

Panda 4x4 Gathering at Il Ciocco

With its headquarters at the Sport Village in our estate, here is the next event at Il Ciocco for the joy of all off-road enthusiast.


Raduno Nazionale Panda 4x4 (National Panda 4x4 Gathering), with drivEvent Adventure, will take place on June 17, 18 and 19.


Three days dedicated to the discovery of the Garfagnana and the Serchio Valley on board of one of the most loved vehicles.

On the agenda, among other activities, is an excursion to the San Pellegrino in Alpe Sanctuary and the Pradarena Pass, visit to the town of Barga, off-road in Ponteccio and the Lamastrone Oasis.


You may also participate in the daily excursions.


For information: 0583.153.1720; 333.830.3079