The olive harvest at Il Ciocco

The olive harvest at Il Ciocco

Take root here and grow!

The olive tree! All it needs is air, sun and time.

“The Song of the Olive Tree”, Giovanni Pascoli, 1903


There are more than 500 olive trees on the Il Ciocco that line the streets of the Estate (an area of approximately 700 hectares, if within its boundaries you also consider the area which hasn’t been least affected by human intervention, “the Park”); approximately 1500 kg of fruit was taken to the oil mill in Matraia, Lucca, producing 240 kg of olive oil.


The Il Ciocco extra-virgin olive oil (on sale inside the Estate, ed.) is obtained by cold extraction. Hence its strong but not too pungent flavor”, explains with enthusiasm the Estate’s agronomist, Claudio Lorenzoni. Mr. Lorenzoni, consultant for Il Ciocco since 1998 is also the author of the gardening magazine which you will find on Il He is quite passionate when he speaks of his work. “Even if the harvest is done with the help of tools such as the electric olive harvest machine shaker, it is hard to resist the temptation of picking the olives by hand, especially this year that the olive trees at Il Ciocco are loaded with fruits”.


Not just olive oil. Another product of the Living Mountain, branded Il Ciocco, is lavender: essential oils and hydrolates are just some of the items that are obtained from the distillation of the purple flowery. “In the Il Ciocco Gift Shop – Mr. Lorenzoni adds – you can also find canvas sachets that hold fragrant lavender flowers perfect to scent your wardrobes, drawers and linen as well as acting as a natural insect repellent".