The Fifth Live for Emma

The Fifth Live for Emma

A double elimination on X Factor’s fifth LIVE show tonight on Sky
at 9:10 pm. 


In the last episode our Emma captivated the audience and the judges
once again with an impressive Strange Fruit by Billie Holiday, an idol for the young Scotswoman.


Emma’s was probably the best performance of the evening and one of the few with little or no criticisms on the part of the judges.


And if in a few hours Emma will take the stage it is still uncertain that Morgan will return as a judge after surprisingly leaving in the middle of
last Thursday's show.



Emma Siobhan Morton, contestant of Mika’s over 25s, is still the favorite with a share of 2.75 followed by Lorenzo with 3.50. Emma was born in Scotland but has been living in Barga, Italy in the Serchio Valley for the past five years. She has a daughter named Billie who is her inspiration. “She is the air that I breath” says Emma of her little girl.


She’s got style, she is feminine, seemingly shy and delicate with a strong desire to achieve and make all her dreams come true.