The Fish Exhibit – the program

The Fish Exhibit – the program

The Fish Exhibit, from Barga to Talamone (September 1 – 7,  Piazza Angelio - Barga) 



Monday 1st September

17:30 First chisel shot at Ziggurat in Piazza Angelio

18:30 Lectio Magistralis on contemporary art history at Palazzo Pancrazi. Follows an institutional visit at the Museum “Stanze della memoria” where will open the ”Antoillogica” exhibition

22:00 Villa Libano: a painted illustration of a rose 250x250 in the upper room of the Villa will accompany until the 7th of september Mario and Giorgia Madiai’s exhibition: the “RosesCo”


Tuesday 2nd September

09:00 Piazza Angelio: collective sculpture: up to the 7th of September you can sculpt with Catalani and help him to build a 25 tn sculpture that will lay on the ocean floor

18:00: art Gallery of the Comune: inauguration of several artists exhibition (some of them beginners over 50) dedicated to the pleasure on meeting with art, ment as “game into the game”

22:00 Villa Libano: bookmarks painted in real time with the evening colors (wine, coffee..) distributed by Catalani


Wednesday 3rd  September

18:00 Villa Libano: Paolo Pescatore Dj Set

Instead of a record, Paolo Fanciulli will use the counter to clean the fish and at the same time will narrate sea stories, about fishes and fishermans

A sort off talk show that helps you to recover a vanished culture


Thursday 4th September

22:00 Villa Libano: we are getting in the heart of the interactive games:  the people in the social network era reappropriate their judgment ability

Massimo Catalani will prepare with creames and fruit a big cake that will be offered to all the guests


Friday 5th September

22:00 Villa Libano: table football tournament, a Catalanis family tradition. The winning couple will winn a t-shirt of the Circolo dei Differenti and a poster of the Fishes House signed by the teacher


Saturday 6th September

From 22:00 Enojazz at Villa Libano: open jam session and collateral events dedicated to improvisation

All Barga musicians will be invited at Villa Libano to participate at the evening and share friendships

22:30:  the winner of the contest “Art on Instagram” invented by the Circolo dei Differenti will be  awarded by Massimo Catalani (the best photographer will winn a t-shirt  and a trip to Rome that includes a visit to the teachers atelier)


Sunday 7th September

22:00 Villa Libano: music and greetings

24:00 exorcism in Piazza Angelio: a cin cin that will end with the inauguration of the Ziggurat and the following launch of a bottle of sparkling wine at the marble block. The metaphor continues..


All the events at Villa Libano are accompanied by live music and the beautiful voice of Greta Ciurlante.