2014 BargaJazz Festival

2014 BargaJazz Festival

The Jazz Festival kicks off on Sunday the 17th with “Barga IN Jazz” for 12 days of music and more!


Many are the groups that from 5 pm on Sunday will liven up piazzas and streets (Sound Street Band being the first) in the historical center, inaugurating the 2014 edition of this much-awaited yearly event of the Barga summer scene.


In addition to the already rich calendar, the Nuovo Circolo dei Differenti Association is back at Villa Libano with Enojazz.  Musicians and enthusiasts can give wings to their imagination in the many jam sessions that take place there.  Enojazz has become a little-big festival within the festival with art exhibitions and other parallel events which proudly embody freedom of artistic expression and the pursuit of the same.


The program

August 17:  performance by Vittorio Alinari “Alchimie” at 6 pm at the St. Christopher Cathedral.  During the evening, the Nico Gori, Alessandro Lanzoni, Stefano Tamborrino and Gabriele Evangelista Quartet perform in Piazza Angelio.

August 18-19:  the BargaJazz Contest dedicated to up-and-coming  groups (the competition is open to bands with 3 to 7 elements).  Four groups have been chosen for the finals - Head Project Trio, Francesco Massagli Quartet, Illogic Trio e Giulia Facco Quintet.


August 20:  the Paul McCandless & West Coast Jazz Quintet.


August 21:  from the international project “Sonata di Mare”, Paolo Fresu performs his work “Mistico Mediterraneo” at the Teatro dei Difference with Daniele Di Bonaventura and the polyphonic choir “A. Filetta”.


August 22-23:  the 27th edition of the competition for arrangement and composition for jazz orchestra at the Teatro dei Differenti with the BargaJazz Orchestra directed by Mario Raja.


August 25-26: two days dedicated to the relationship between popular music and jazz with an internship for young artists held by Nicolao Valiensi.


August 27:  A tribute performance to Billy Strayhorn by drummer, Alessandro Fabbri.


August 28:  CRIG (Collective Research and Improvisation Garfagnana), a project between popular music and jazz.

August 29:  Barga meets the Nordic jazz of Swedish pianist Lars Jansson and of the Danish saxophonist Jan Harberck. 


The final evening, Saturday, August 30th, is dedicated to the Hammond organ with the John Paul Gard trio and the Alberto Gurrisi Quartet.  The evening concludes with wine tastings organized in collaboration with Lucca’s biodynamic wine producers “In direzione del sole” (In the direction of the sun).

For info and reservations please call 0583-723860