The National Press in the Serchio Valley

The National Press in the Serchio Valley

Food and wine, wellness and fashion, travel and culture:   these are
the themes that represent the journalists of the national press that participated in the press tour organized by the Il Ciocco Tenuta e Parco (October 18-20). The journalists, during their stay on the Estate, had an opportunity to learn and appreciate the culinary traditions, the historical architecture and the natural beauty of the Serchio Valley. Here are
some of the places they visited.


The St. Christopher Cathedral in Barga, the typical alleys and squares
of the historic center, the Differenti Theater.


The Fortress of Verrucole, San Romano in Garfagnana and that of Mont’Alfonso in Castelnuovo. The history. The breathtaking views.


The “Teatrino” (small theater) of Vetriano of the FAI (Italian National Trust), included in the Guinness Book of Records in 1997 for being the smallest historic public theater in the world, lives today thanks to the
passion of its Superintendent, Loredana Ciabatti Cipriani.


That family feeling of the mulino of Piezza in Gallicano.  The wheat, “ottofile” corn and chestnut flour. The genuineness of its products, of its smiles.


Lama, 900 meters above sea level. A window on the rooftop of the world from which to admire the limpid view of the Apuan Alps and the Apennines.


Over-all, journalists and staff alike expressed great satisfaction at the end
of the weekend. “A unique opportunity for networking – says the Ciocco team. It is a step forward, beyond any parochialism, to start thinking in
terms of macro-regions. The Serchio Valley as a “destination”: a goal that could only be achieved by networking with all the relevant actors on the territory”.