Our Press Tour  2017 edition

Our Press Tour 2017 edition

Between guided visits, tastings, historic towns and good music, this year’s Il Ciocco Press Tour concluded on Sunday, April 2nd involving journalists from Repubblica.it, Food and Travel Italia, Natural style and Turismo.it.


It has been an intense three days made up of authentic smiles, culinary traditions, breathtaking scenery and with a lot to talk about, sharing the amazing stories of the territory of Garfagnana and Serchio Valley.

Saturday night’s dinner at the Taverna dello Scoiattolo in the Il Ciocco Estate was an unforgettable one. Accompanied by piano, jazz singer Michela Lombardi put on an extraordinary performance. 


In the photo, a moment of the press tour: Calabaia, the highest point in the Il Ciocco Park, one of the most magic ones.