Presentation of Maestro Lorenzo Vignoli's sculptures

Presentation of Maestro Lorenzo Vignoli's sculptures

Barga, 12 October

Maestro Lorenzo Vignoli will present a selection of his sculptures on
Friday, 12 October, at the Pascoli Auditorium - Il Ciocco Estate and Park.

Lorenzo Vignoli was born in Lucca on July 23, 1981.

"...I was born in a valley of the Apuane Alps. Since the time I was a small child I learned to understand the meaning and value of these mountains  through my mother’s sensitivity and my father’s sense of respect. After many years of research and study, traveling from city to city, I have
realized how much those mountains meant to me. Therefore, I have
chosen the marble from these mountains to manifest my reality, and
express my creativity.

Like the roots of a tree, a sculpture is born from the earth. This forces me
to look below the surface, beyond the exterior, into the layers of humus
and fossils for the inspiration to realize my vision."
Photo by Roberto Giomi