Showing a secret hideaway in Tuscany

Showing a secret hideaway in Tuscany

"Lands of Tuscany: the Serchio Valley", a photographic book curated by Alessandro Stefani with visuals by Alessandro Puccinelli and texts by Gilberto Bedini showing an utterly unexplored part of Tuscany, will be presented tomorrow in Milan - special guest Ellen Hidding.


A 200 page long photographic journey through a land full of art, history, natural beauty and a long history of crafting to discover a region within a region - Tuscany - and a part of great splendour and historic content far from any form of tourism: the Serchio Valley.


The Serchio Valley is part of the province of Lucca, and streches from the North Western part of Tuscany, North of Pisa and North West of Florence to the South of Lucca. It proudly gathers an exceptional number of ancient small villages, torrents - the name of the valley comes from the Serchio river that crosses the entire area with thousands streams creating deep canyons.. Thus, the Serchio Valley stands for culture, nature, art and history and is becoming the perfect hideaway for couples, families or friends and especially for foodlovers thanks to several Slow-Food Presidio restaurants and products.


Furthermore, there is a wide range of sport activities, such as rafting, cross biking, horseback riding, caving excursions and much more that can be practiced in the Serchio Valley and especially within the Il Ciocco Estate, a big compound founded in the 1960's by the Marcucci family.


The book wants to showcase an uncontaminated and still unknown part of Tuscany, with stunning landscapes, unspoiled nature and true historic treats, such as the romantic village of Barga, where wellknown poet Giovanni Pascoli chose to live; or Borgo a Mozzano, known for the Devil's bridge (Ponte del Diavolo), built in the 14th century and famous for its beautiful arches; or Bagni di Lucca appreciated for its hot springs that already the Romans appreciated. This city was an important hang out in Renaissance times, and saw a wide development in 1800 when many distinguished artists, such as Pascoli, Carducci, Montale, Dumas, Byron, Shelley and Puccini among others spent time there.

The book "Lands of Tuscany: The Serchio Valley" can be ordered through Amazon.