Arrigo Benedetti’ journalist award

Arrigo Benedetti’ journalist award

The journalist Milena Gabanelli, from the Italian Rai 3 television station, has won the “Arrigo Benedetti Città di Barga 2016” award.

This prestigious initiative, with its high cultural value, is organized by the Province of Lucca and the Municipality of Barga, in collaboration with the Centro Europeo Studi "Arrigo Benedetti" European study center, and the support of Toscana Energia company. Together with Milena Gabanelli, the journalist Paolo Borrometi, reporter for The Italian news agency AGI, also received the award in Barga on July 1st.


Since 2014, Borrometi has been living under police protection due to threats received by the Mafia.

Two great personalities, active in the forefront, were the recipients of this prize instituted in 2011 and dedicated to the Lucca journalist. In the spirit of Arrigo Benedetti’s research and commitment – he was founder of publications such as L’Europeo and L’Espresso – this year, too, the jury has decided to reward those who, by telling uncomfortable truths through difficult investigative reporting, daily put their lives on the line.


In the photograph: the journalists with Andrea Giannasi, President of the event